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Elder Cletus Okoro of Abia State Nigeria! The Importance of Respecting The Most High's Appointed Leadership.

Distrust of those who are in charge is a widespread phenomenon. It is easy to stir up dissension against those in authority, especially when life is difficult and progress is slow. The fans of professional sports teams with losing records often want the managers fired. Aspiring politicians regularly harp on economic difficulties as they attempt to unseat the incumbent. Sometimes the criticism goes deeper and seeks to overturn the existing order completely and replace it with a new and different authority structure. There are indeed times when a change in personnel or the system is justified. Many such revolts, however, are generated by the wrong motivations and aimed at the wrong targets. Like Moses and Aaron,...Be Wise especially now.


Defying the Almighty Father’s appointed leadership reflects a fatal lack of fear of the Almighty Father. Here we see the arrogance of those who attack Moses and Aaron with a spirit of leadership envy. They cast false accusations and impugn the motives and validity of their leaders. Instead of being content with their appointed ministry roles, they drum up a conspiracy of complainers and rebels and push self-promotion. Number 16:1-4. Let's Reason Together.

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