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Gird Up International Ministries

Welcome to Gird Up!

A place for prayer, praise, and worship among the believers of The Most High Yah.

Shalum/Shalom/Shalawam to all the Mashpacha!

We are super excited to share with you our Gird Up Nation Website that we have had since 2022. We are looking for individuals who are highly motivated and skilled in their areas of expertise. Whatever you feel The Most High has given to you as a gift or talent, please share with us so that we can feature you in our next Blog. For those that don't mind supporting and helping behind the scene, please let our Administrator know so that you can be apart of the building blocks of Gird Up International Ministries.

Our founding Elders and Achym in this walk have put in the work before us all, let's continue to support the mission by sharing our gifts with the rest of the world.

You can also email us at or Don't forget we are on live every Saturday 9am EST and 6pm CAT and Sunday 12pm EST and 9pm CAT.

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